Friday, July 13, 2012

The French Get It Right

60 Years of Friendship between Israel and France - Joint Issue
These stamps commemorate the 60th anniversary of the first flight from Israel to France and of the State of Israel's independence. That flight symbolizes the beginning of the ties and cooperation that exist between the two countries.

[T]he Supreme Court of France ruled that publicly calling for the boycott of Israeli products is a case of incitement to discrimination on the basis of nationality, and as such is illegal under French law.

France is the only country in Europe where calling for a boycott of Israeli products has been prohibited.

In France, calling for a boycott of Israeli products is treated in the same manner as would be a call for a boycott of Islamic products.
(Gatestone Institute)


LHwrites said...

The French get it right more often than they are credited for by the U.S.

Bruce said...

Indeed...they are very good at anti-terror stuff.