Monday, July 09, 2012

Palestinians Defy West by Embracing Iran

This poster is a spoof.  The story below is, unfortunately, true.

Abbas to Attend Tehran Summit -Avi Issacharoff

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will visit Tehran in late August to attend a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, after he was invited by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Palestinian officials said.

Abbas Decision to Attend Iran Parley Irks Israel -Herb Keinon

Israeli officials slammed PA President Mahmoud Abbas for accepting an Iranian invitation to attend a conference in Tehran. "Abbas has to get off the fence and decide whom he is with," one official said. "He cannot on the one hand say he believes in peace and reconciliation, and on the other hand embrace Hamas and the Iranian leadership." The official said Abbas could not tell Israel he was a partner for peace "if he is a partner with these extreme elements."

One diplomatic official in Jerusalem said the question should not be as much why Abbas is attending, but rather why the Non-Aligned Movement is holding a meeting in Iran in the first place.
(Jerusalem Post)

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