Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney in Jerusalem

Mitt Romney Captures Jerusalem -Barry Rubin

Speaking to an often-cheering group of about 400 people in Jerusalem, Governor Mitt Romney gave a speech less notable for what he said than for the fact that the audience believed he was sincere in saying it.
[PJ Media]

Romney's Remarkable Speech in Jerusalem -Daniel Pipes, PhD

Mitt Romney delivered a speech to the Jerusalem Foundation today, packing emotional support with frank policy statements. The contrast with Obama could hardly be more dramatic. Indeed, one could go through the speech and note the many refutations of Obama. For example, the opening comment that "To step foot into Israel is to step foot into a nation that began with an ancient promise made in this land" directly contrasts with Obama's crabbed statement in Cairo about "the aspiration for a Jewish homeland [being] rooted in a tragic history."

Also, in contrast to the nonsensical Obama administration stance on Jerusalem...Romney came out and plainly called Jerusalem "the capital of Israel."

But of the whole speech, it is the final words that most struck me: "May God bless America, and may He bless and protect the Nation of Israel." When last did a politician ask the Lord to protect another country and not his own?
[National Review Online]

Romney Backs Israeli Stance on Threat of Nuclear Iran -Jodi Rudoren & Ashley Parker

Mitt Romney adopted the language of Israel's leaders, who say Tehran must not even obtain the capability to build a nuclear weapon, a harder position than the United States has taken.
[New York Times]

Romney to Back Israel’s Right to Strike Iran -Ashley Parker

Mitt Romney plans to assert that he respects Israel’s right to take pre-emptive action to stop Iran from developing nuclear capabilities that could be used for a weapon.

Dan Senor, a senior Romney foreign policy adviser told reporters in a briefing before the speech that Mr. Romney would express — several times — that it was “unacceptable” for Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons and his view that Israel does have the right to take action against Iran.
[New York Times]

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